The stork offers the fox luscious grapes dangling from a tall vine but the fox cannot reach. The stork is then given by the fox a shallow plate of milk.

The above parable is a play on the Fox and the Stork transcribed by Phaedrus, a Roman fabulist thought to be a Thracian slave. Many years have passed. Some things have changed and some have not.

Now two figures graciously offer each other unattainable gifts. In the forest, the suburb, the city, the arena, the court, we are all getting played and we are all playing. Here is a list: who is punished for breaking the rules and who is not, which rules are followed and which are not, what are the rules. At night I sometimes wake to a thought: who is the vine and who is the plate?

Curated by Rachel Simone James

Exhibition on view from the 26th until the 28th of August.

From the 28th of August until the 4th of September by appointment.

Opening Friday 26th of August at 6 PM.




Cipres Squash, Jaime Torres Bodet 91, col. Santa María La Ribera, Mexico City.